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Members meet

With Wetherby Arts Festival, two things stand out – innovation and a sense of community.  So I was delighted last Sunday to be given a brand new experience – a members’ garden party.

Several members – of all ages – myself included – had a first ever Festival preview strawberry tea.  A chance to meet other members.  Together with croquet.  Never having held a mallet before I was fiercely determined to whack the small coloured ball through many a hoop.


There was Pimms, laughter, scones, cake, sandwiches, new friends, more Pimms (the kettle took time to boil), sunshine, and croquet.

I expected Alice in Wonderland with flamingos – but I caught this new passion.  A day that did the best British summer since 1976 proud.  (Was it the long hot summer of that year which caused the Wetherby Arts Festival to be first conceived?)


So checking out this year’s festival (13-22 October) – its fortieth year.  If you see something on the programme you’ve always wondered about, why no

t give it a try?  You might get hooked.  Or join up as a member?  You might like it. (You won’t go hungry.)


There’s loads more detail on the programme to come.  Take a moment from Wimbledon season to watch this space also.  I’ll be back soon with more blogging.

You’ll excuse me for the moment though…  I er … think there’s a scone with my name on it and I need to make the Chairman jump through a few more hoops…