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The Festival is Returning

Festival News Update

Wetherby Festival is taking a new course in 2021 because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It’s difficult to predict possible further waves of the virus in the autumn.  A traditional indoor October Festival might still be potentially problematic in 2021, so we are planning an open-air event in warmer weather.

We are therefore aiming for a Festival weekend right at the end of the Summer holidays – 3rd 4th & 5th September.  A lovely way to finish.  Details of acts and venues have still to be finalised, but we are planning concerts, performances and shows in the afternoons along with ancillary activities in which we hope you may also participate.  People are also talking about a Craft Fair, and will there be other activities, large and small, going on as well?  Let’s hope so.  Do let me know if you have suggestions.  

So far, we have  prospects for a dance event, a comedy drama, even a reprise of our Opera with Chips event – outside!  We are also working with Leeds orchestra and we have other ideas too.  

I expect you are hoping, as we are, that we can revert to normal in 2022.  Acts that were cancelled in 2020 are hoping to return and people will be queuing up for their performances.  Let’s see how this one goes. 

Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us and supported us through a difficult period, whether by renewing your membership, joining our quizzes or helping us plan the future.

With best regards

Robert Haskins