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The pleasure of doing?

Can you volunteer?


Quack Quack – it’s me again.


What’s the difference between a duck and a lion?  Ok, I’ll tell you.  One is a small yellow bathroom ornament.  The other?  A dedicated volunteer who helps to sail 1,800 similar bathroom ornaments down the Wharfe to raise money for charity.  And then counts them all – and puts the 1,800 ducks, in numerical order(!) back into a box for next year.


What does this have to do with Wetherby Arts Festival?



Well, actually quite a lot.  First, it’s about me doing one of the oddest things I’ve done.  Secondly, it’s about the Lions.  The Lions are one of the organisations who give many hours of their volunteer time to help the Festival to run like clockwork.  We couldn’t do it without them or other volunteers, who sell tickets, make teas, prepare and close up venues, carry equipment, post posters, mind doors and a host of other vital jobs.  The main thing is it’s fun.


It takes a lot of people to sort out 1,800 ducks.  Teamwork.  And a sense of humour.  It’s amazingly social.  Brightens up the day.



Running a ten day festival takes a LOT of volunteers, more than you’d think.



If you are retired with time on your hands  or 18 plus and looking for  voluntary experience or a career in customer service, event management, contact Vera Radcliffe or Robert Haskins at



About the only thing we won’t do is ask you to count yellow plastic ducks.  But we *will* find a way to use your expertise and enthusiasm productively and introduce you to new friends all in a good cause.  And you surely need something to do now the tennis is over, right?


Time for a bath after a hard day’s work.  With my little yellow friend.  Dreaming of the subject of my next blog, perhaps, while I’m there….



Lesley McIntee